Using AI for SEO and Conversion Audits

I’m excited to bring you this episode on using AI for SEO and Conversion Audits. My guest is Andy Crestodina, Cofounder and CMO of Orbit Media Studios, an award winning digital agency in Chicago.

In this episode I talk with Andy on his recent blog post and video outline for using ChatGPT to perform an audit on your website that will help you improve both your SEO and your conversion. It's a fantastic process that any marketer can follow, even using Andy's exact prompts to see where you can improve.

I did the audit myself and found huge value in it, especially in the competitor analysis.

>>>Must read and watch: AI-Powered Webpage Audit and Optimization: SEO and Conversion in 8 Prompts

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Andy's book: Content Chemistry

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Using AI for SEO and Conversion Audits
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