Getting More From GA4

What an episode this is:  Getting More From GA4.  My guest is the fabulous Dana DiTomaso - president and partner at Kick Point agency.

What I love about Dana is her ability to share and teach digital marketing and analytics to marketers. She’s elite with Google Analytics 4, Google Tag Manager, Looker Studio and more; a former SEO speaker of the year award winner and constantly on stage at MozCon, LocalU, MnSearch Summit and other top conferences. 

Her newly launched Analytics for Agencies playbook is an amazing online course you need to check out if you are a marketer and use the promo code "leadferno" for 10% off!

In this episode we look at Google Analytics 4. What's it all about, what's changed and we dive into Dana's experience and tips for GA4 and reports.

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Getting More From GA4
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