All About Google's Local Service Ads (LSAs)

Get the down low on Google Local Service Ads AND learn about their recent updates.

In this episode we explore Google’s Local Service Ads - known as LSAs.  My guest is Crystal Horton - a Google Business Profile Product Expert and founder of Crystal Horton Digital.  

Crystal is an exceptional digital marketer and is known by many as the “queen of LSAs”.  One of her many case studies highlights how she used local service ads to generate 3,000 leads and over $700,000 in revenue for a heating and cooling company.

Local Service Ads are available in over 80 business categories on Google, mainly in home services, law, health and real estate. LSAs have great visibility and operate on a pay per lead model, not a pay per click. Listen to Crystal break down all you need to know about LSAs and cover some of the recent big changes to them.

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Crystal Horton
Crystal Horton
Founder: Crystal Horton Digital, Google Product Expert
All About Google's Local Service Ads (LSAs)
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